Le troll du siècle

Découvert grâce à nos amis de Totalement Crétin : Linux: A European threat to our computers :big:
(en Anglais, voir chez TC pour la traduction française)

Morceaux choisis :

  • "Linux is so pervasive amongst the blue states and many liberal universities that a leading computer expert Steve Balmer (from Microsoft) described Linux as cancer."
  • "Osama uses Linux because he knows designed to counterfit DVDs, curcumventing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, and defraud companies like Disney."
  • "If one of your friends is using Linux or may be tempted to try it show them this article. Explain that Linux is a genuine threat and that by using it they may be opening their computer to Chinese hackers."

le débat persiste en mon esprit : est-ce de l'ironie ou le mec (et Shelley qui a recopié ça et se défend dans les commentaires) le pense vraiment ?

ne pas louper non plus les commentaires, un vrai régal :D

  • "God knows what you would use to send a fax or make a website. You cannot even get Front Page for Linux."
  • "Linux is just a anarchist invention aiming at bringing chaos and death everywhere in the world."